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New Jersey Fistballers Receive IFA Coaching Certificate

Updated: Feb 11

Amber Rauh-Barany and Cliff Barany, Co-Founders of REC It Volleyball & Fistball Club, completed the International Fistball Association (IFA) Certificate of Fistball Coach Course, led by Gastão Englert over three intensive days. Gastão is currently the IFA Sports Commission and Olympic Education Director and the President of the Panamerican Fistball Association (PAFA).

The course covered essential aspects of Fistball coaching, including lesson planning techniques and drill progression strategies aimed at maximizing player engagement and skill development. Participants delved into teaching fundamental skills such as serving, striking, setting, and picking, with a focus on refining techniques and spatial awareness. Practical sessions, including analysis of match footage and hands-on drills at the Cranford Recreation Center, provided valuable insights into strategic decision-making and skill execution. Additionally, coaches learned advanced concepts such as field placements and strategic serving locations, culminating in practical exercises focusing on jump serving, setting accuracy, and tactical gameplay.

Through Englert's expert guidance, Amber and Cliff gained the knowledge and confidence needed to excel as Fistball coaches, ensuring they left the course equipped with invaluable skills and practical experience. Amber has been a member of the USA Women's National Team since 2022 and has played an integral role in the growth of the sport in New Jersey since her introduction to the sport in 2019. She was also voted the 2022 IFA Women's Rookie of the Year after her performance at the World Games. Amber will be using this certificate as she enters into her role as Head Coach of the U18 Women's Team for the very first time this year. For more on REC-IT Volleyball and Fistball, check out their Facebook and Instagram to get involved.



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