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USFA Announces New Women’s Fistball Program, 2021 World Championship in Switzerland this Summer

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The United States Fistball Association is proud to announce the launch of their new Women’s Fistball Program, functioning as both a competitive national team, and athlete development program.

USFA is seeking athletes to learn Fistball, and try out for this year’s Women’s National team, who will compete in the 2021 Women’s World Championships in Switzerland, July 13-17.

What is Fistball?

Fistball is a net sport, similar to volleyball and tennis. Two teams of 5 players play on opposite sides of a large grass court. The court is divided in half by a small net, lower than a volleyball net.

The goal is to hit the ball over the net into the opponent’s half so it cannot be returned. The ball can only be hit with one arm or a closed fist, but the ball may bounce once before each contact, as in tennis. 3 arm/fist contacts & 3 bounces are allowed to return the ball over the net.

What is the USA Women’s Fistball Program?

The USA Women’s Fistball Program was established to spread awareness and competition of Fistball to new audiences & athletes nationwide. The program’s functions are:

1. To encourage local growth of Women’s Fistball through clinics, demonstrations, and a variety of Fistball competitions.

2. To organize & host national team training sessions and develop individual athlete’s Fistball skillset.

3. To attend a yearly international competition representing the USA.

Events include:


Upcoming Clinics & Practices

The USA Women’s Program will continue to post updates on domestic and international events throughout the year. Complete our New Player Questionnaire and get in touch with us via to learn more about the sport and opportunities to play in 2021.

In-person clinics & practices for the National Team will take place through March & April in New Jersey & Pennsylvania. If you are interested but do not live nearby, please reach out to make arrangements. The 10 player national team roster for the 2021 Women’s World Championship will be selected by April 25th.

Athletes aged 16+ are eligible. All events will follow Covid-19 safety protocol including masking, distancing, and sanitizing.


Mat Ogin

The USA Women’s Fistball Program is led by Cory Dahn & Matthew Ogin. Ogin coached Women’s Volleyball at Rutgers-Camden from 2007-2010, served as trainer and assistant coach of the USA Women’s Fistball Teams at the 2014 World Championship & 2015 Pan-American Championship.

Cory Dahn

Dahn has coached youth club Fistball since 2018 at the Swim & Sport Club (Roxbury, NJ). He served as head coach of the USA Youth Boys team at the 2018 Under-18 World Championships.

Dahn and Ogin both recently competed with Team USA at the 2019 Men’s Fistball World Championship, in Winterthur, Switzerland.

For any questions email and follow @usfistball on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

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