Team USA preparing for European Championships in Switzerland
by Wendy Stanton

Bridgewater, NJ – June 2, 2017

In keeping with the United States Fistball Association’s mission to promote the sport of Fistball throughout the USA and abroad, 2 outstanding college athletes each from Penn State University and Iona College have joined Team USA as core members of the 2017 U18 Men’s and Women’s National Fistball Team. They along with their teammates will compete on the world’s stage this July 2017 in Switzerland at the European Fistball Championships.

Under the leadership and guidance of USFA President Bob Feid, the USFA Regional Directors and experienced coaching staff, the awareness and acceptance of Fistball is gathering momentum here in the USA resulting in the fielding of the first ever U18 Women’s National team who competed at the 2016 U18 World championships in Nuremburg, Germany finishing a very strong 5th place in the world.

The 2017 USA National Team includes 2016 National Team veteran Kate Tagliareni, Iona College student from Hackettstown, NJ and Penn State student Ryan Baumbusch from Bridgewater, NJ. Both athletes have played Fistball at the Swim and Sport Club in Flanders, NJ, home field for the U18 National Teams.

When asked about being a part of the US National Team, Ryan remarked “It’s a sport that not many people know here in the US. Being part of the team I hope we will be able to recruit and get people to try Fistball. It’s volleyball with a bounce!”

Kate’s experience last year was a key factor in her returning to the squad, “The friendships and bonds you create with others as well as being able to grow as a person and player throughout the entire experience.”

Following the conclusion of the World Championships, the u18 National Team was invited by special invitation from the European Fistball Association to train the Swiss Olympic Training Center.

Because of the USFA’s strong commitment and participation in international tournaments, the International Fistball Association has invited the USFA to host for the first time ever the 2018 U18 World Fistball Championships here in New Jersey. With U18 Fistball teams from all over the world competing in the USA, recruitment efforts are underway for additional U18 Men and Women team members to begin training to represent the USA as a National Team member in the exciting sport of Fistball. Please contact Bob Feid, President, USFA at:

To support the U-18 Teams, please visit the U-18 Youth Fundraiser page.

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