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The USFA is seeking U18 Female Athletes for the Youth World Fistball Championships to be held July 20-24th, 2016 in Nuremburg, Germany.

Team USA seeks 7-10 girls interested in representing the USA in its first trip to the Youth World Championships. Previous experience playing the sport of Fistball isn’t required, but an athletic prowess and a fighting spirit is.

The skills required to play Fistball are often compared with those required to play Volleyball because both sports involve using up to three contacts in order to strike a ball over a net in an attempt to score, but skills used in Tennis and Baseball/Softball also often translate to success on the Fistball field. The overhand throwing motion used in pitching or throwing a Baseball is similar to the motion often employed by Fistball players to strike and serve.  The footwork a skilled Tennis player uses to get into position to defense an attack is similar to that required to get into position to defense an attack in Fistball.  The comparisons with Volleyball are the easiest to make because both sports involve defending a hard driven attack with the arms in such a way as to allow for the ball to be set close to the net for an equally powerful return attack. One key difference between the two is that he ball cannot be struck with an open hand, but instead a closed fist is used. The ball is also allowed to bounce between contacts, but it may only be played with a single arm at a time.  The sport of Fistball employs only 5 players on each side of the net to cover an area roughly 3 times the size of a Volleyball court. The net is also 6’3″ high which allows for shorter girls to be effective attackers. Fistball is an exciting and fast paced sport that requires teamwork, agility, and athleticism in order to achieve success.

Female athletes born in 1998 or later are qualified to try out for the U18 US Girls Fistball team.  Open try-outs will be held April 2nd from 3-5pm at Roxbury High School in Succasunna, NJ.  The U18 team will begin outdoor practices in Flanders, NJ in Spring 2016 at the Swim and Sport Club in Flanders, NJ. Opportunities potentially exist for interested players that cannot make the try-outs and/or that don’t live in the NJ area.  The USFA partners with Fistball clubs in Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Wisconsin as well. Please contact USFA President Bob Feid to express interest.


2014 US National Team (Left to Right): Bonnie Zobel, Courtney Abel, Alex Buehning, Tricia Groeber, Ashley Sledzinski, Kristie Keating, Sadie Beacham, Kay Crosby, Coach Mat Ogin, Coach Gastao Englert

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to be part of a US National Team!  The US has participated internationally in World Championship tournaments on the men’s side since 1999 and only recently sent the first women’s team to compete in the World Championships in 2014.  Not one athlete has come back without expressing how truly amazing the experience of representing your country in international competition has been.  For many, it’s been a once in a lifetime opportunity that provides the rare opportunity to travel abroad, experience other cultures, and make lifelong friends across the globe.

Fistball is not yet an Olympic sport, but the International Fistball Association (IFA) has been working tirelessly in recent years to achieve Olympic status and with more and more countries beginning to form teams, it’s becoming increasingly likely that we’ll see Fistball in the Olympics in the future.  The US is relatively new to the international scene but with each new international team formed, the competitive level of US Fistball as a whole is raised.

The USFA successfully hosted the first ever Pan-American Fistball games at the Swim and Sport Club in Flanders this past summer.  The USFA sent it’s first men’s team to the Master’s World Championships in Chile in November 2015 and now Birmingham, Alabama has been chosen to host the 2021 World Games during which the first Fistball World Champion will be crowned on US soil.  USFA President, Bob Feid expects the sport of Fistball to grow tremendously in the coming years.  It’s an exciting time for Fistball in the USA and a great time join in the excitement.  The IFA has created a temporary site with details regarding the U18 2016 World Championship as well as a U18 2016 World Championship Facebook Page. Come join the excitement!

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