Faustball WM 2015 Argentina


Today the USA Men’s Fistball team will take the field in the opening match of the Men’s Fistball World Championships against the host country of Argentina. This will be a rematch of the opening match of the 2011 World Championships where team USA fell to Argentina in a hard fought battle in Vienna. At the 2011 World Championships, Argentina established themselves as a top 4 team in fistball when they narrowly lost a 5 set semi-final to Austria and then ran out of gas against Brazil in the third place match. Team USA finished 9th at the 2011 games which was the highest the US team has ever finished, but the team doesn’t expect a 9th place finish in 2015.


L to R (Front Row) Matt Ayling, Todd Strassberger, Steve Kucera, Mat Henrichs, Eric Kindler (Back Row) Coach Ron Jesswein, Mat Ogin, Pat White, Kris Graham, Keith Schweda, Aaron Weninger, Coach Gastao Englert


The addition of Gastao Englert to the coaching staff after the 2011 games has had a dramatic affect on the level of play for both the US Men’s and Women’s teams. Coach Englert has been the driving force behind the formation of the US Women’s team and the US hosting the first ever Pan-American fistball games earlier this year at the Swim and Sport Club in New Jersey. The men’s team is comprised of veteran fistball players, 9 of which competed in the 2011 World Championships, and 5 of which competed at the 2007 World Championships. Coach Ron Jesswein believes that the combination of their past experience and the additional training techniques brought to the table by Coach Englert will drive team USA to it’s best finish yet.


The games will be streaming live on the internet starting at 1 pm cst/2pm est here.

Argentina is hosting the games for the first time since the 1986 Men’s World Championships which were held in Buenos Aires. The Men’s Fistball World Championships are held once every four years and the host country varies with the International Fistball Association making the final determination upon the host country. The USA and Switzerland have both put forth bids to host the 2019 Men’s World Championships and the host city will be determined and announced soon.  The US bid is backed by the power of the World Games committee in Alabama.  Alabama has been selected as the 2021 host city for the World Games.  The World Games is an Olympic style competition for sports that haven’t yet ascended to the ranks of the Olympics and serve as an important bridge to becoming an Olympic sport.

The official program is available to view online at the below link.  Let’s Go Team USA!




Allenton Fistball 2015

Allenton Fistball Tournament Participants

This past week the kids of Allenton Elementary school competed in the second ever USFA youth fistball tournament. The Spikers took home the gold medals after narrowly defeating the Cougars in a hard-fought championship match. The teams successfully defended multiple match points until finally the Spikers were able to pull out the victory.  The players celebrated with gold, silver, and bronze medals as well as post-game popsicles.

The tournament was the culmination of efforts by Allenton Elementary Principal Angela Wickus, Physical Education teacher Mary Campbell, and USFA youth coordinator Dan Paynter.

Mrs. Wickus originally learned of fistball through the fistball classes offered by late USFA President Jim Blank at the Kettle Moraine YMCA in 2013.  She suggested that team USA present fistball to Allenton Elementary at an all-school assembly in January of last year. Coach Gastão Englert’s presentation had the kids laughing and cheering as loud as they could.  The event was such a big hit with the students and their energy level was so high that USFA President Jim Blank stated the next logical step was to host a tournament for the kids so they could get hands-on experience playing the game of fistball.  Last year’s tournament was such a big success, that Mary Campbell, Allenton Elementary’s physical education teacher, added fistball to her lesson plan for the months of April/May.

Eric Kindler, Aaron Weninger, and Dan Paynter of the US Men’s team came to Allenton on Tuesday nights to practice and guide the young fistballers. The kids honed their fistball skills from week to week and their efforts culminated with last week’s USFA youth tournament.

The USFA plans to continue to partner with local schools in the future to generate more interest and participation in the sport.  Players interested in playing more fistball are welcome to attend the USFA open play dates being hosted at the new USFA fields at the Jackson Town Hall complex. Contact USAFistball@gmail.com for details!

Special Thanks to Master Printwear for donating all of the shirts and Ludwig Fistballs for providing high quality fistballs for the kids!

Ludwig-Ball Part of Your Game2

Photos courtesy of Eric Kindler

First Place Spikers

Tournament Champions – Spikers

Second Place Cougars

Cougars showing off their silver medals

Third Place 1 Wolverines

Bronze Medalists – Wolverines

Third Place 2 Iron Fist

Bronze Medalists – Iron Fists

Daily News Coverage of the Tournament

Daily News Coverage of the Tournament



Clóvis Ludwig & Gastão Englert finalize the sponsorship

Germantown, WI (February 2015) – United States Fistball Association (USFA), the national governing body for the sport of fistball in the United States, announced with great excitement today that it has finalized a sponsorship agreement with the Brazilian-based Ludwig Ball Company as the first “Official Sponsor of USA Fistball”.  The agreement extends through Dec. 31, 2016 which will include Team USA’s competition in the Men’s World Championships this fall in Córdoba, Argentina as well as the Women’s World Championships next fall in Pomerode, Brazil.

Team USA will proudly don jerseys featuring the Ludwig Ball Company’s logo for all competitions and in return the Ludwig Ball Company will provide monetary considerations as well as supply fistballs for use by Team USA training as well as youth training sessions sponsored by the USFA.  The first opportunity for Team USA to show off the new team jersey’s will be the Pan-American Fistball Games to be held in New Jersey in August of 2015.   Ludwig brand fistballs will be the official fistballs of the Pan-American Fistball Games.  The USFA will also make possible the purchase of Ludwig Fistballs through USFistball.com.

The Ludwig Ball Company is the only manufacturer of fistballs in the America’s and currently sells the 2nd most fistballs in the world.

The Ludwig Ball Company’s support of USA Fistball extends to all levels. The agreement not only forms a relationship with the USA Men’s and Women’s National Fistball teams, but also provides fistballs to support the USFA’s youth fistball expansion initiative.

“USA Fistball is proud to announce a sponsorship agreement with the Ludwig Ball Company through December 31, 2016”, stated USFA President Bob Feid.

The Ludwig Ball Company offers high performance fistballs engineered to withstand both wet and dry conditions with the purchase of a single ball.  The Ludwig Ball Company offers Men’s, Women’s, and Youth fistballs with multiple styles including the ability to customize the balls with your club’s logo.  Please visit the Ludwig Ball Shop on USFistball.com to purchase Ludwig brand fistballs.


Ludwig Ball Company’s Men’s & Mini Fistball customized with USFA Logo


USFA President Bob Feid’s Ludwig Fistball customized with SSC Logo

About USA Fistball
Founded in 2007, the United States Fistball Association is a Wisconsin based non-profit organization recognized by the International Fistball Association as the National Governing Body for the sport of Fistball in the United States.  Since forming in 2007, the USFA has succeeded in it’s goal of continual improvement and expansion for US National Teams.  With the addition of Gastão Englert to the organization, the US was able to send it’s first Women’s National team to International competitions in both Switzerland and Germany last year as well as expanding participation in youth fistball training in the US.


Clóvis Ludwig makes the USFA Sponsorship agreement official


Clóvis Ludwig & Gastão Englert celebrate the sponsorship of Team USA


2015-02-13 12_18_26-FISTBALL_PanAmerican2015_OfficialLogo

Early in February, the International Fistball Association (IFA) officially approved the United States to host the First Pan American Fistball Games this coming summer.   The games will feature both men’s and women’s championships featuring teams from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and the United States.  The games will consist of both the Pan American Championship (a competition of national teams), as well as the Pan American Cup (a competition of individual club teams).  The official international competition will take place at the Swim and Sport Club (SSC) in Flanders, New Jersey on August 27th-30th.  Set back off the beaten path with mature trees, a natural spring fed creek, and a beautiful outdoor swimming area, the Swim and Sport Club in Flanders is the ideal place for the Pan Am Fistball Games.  The SSC is located just one hour West of all of the famous sites tourists love on Manhattan Island in New York.  Prior to the Pan-Am Games there will be a “warm-up” international tournament will be hosted by the Phoenix Sports Club in Feasterville, Pennsylvania on August 22nd & 23rd.  This club also offers a rural setting in a beautiful and charming area of Bucks County PA. Admittance is free and the public is welcome to preview the exciting competitions.

For those unfamiliar with the sport of fistball, please refer to this quick video explaining the basic rules of the game.  The dynamic sport of fistball requires great speed, agility precision, and power making it a premier spectator sport that must be seen to be believed.  Much like Olympians, the world class athletes that will compete in these games have dedicated all of their time to practicing, training, and learning the fine nuances of the sport and in most countries it’s done with little to no funding.  They truly play the sport of fistball for the love of the game.  Come see these athletes put their passion on display!  With interactive areas for kids and adults interested in trying their hand at the sport, access to international players for autographs and photos, and plenty of great food and drink available, the Swim and Sport Club in Flanders, New Jersey will be the place to be August 27th-30th of 2015.  

Please visit the Pan American Fistball Games page for club and airport locations as well as details regarding hotels in the area.

More details regarding tickets, sponsors, and merchandise coming soon!

Ludwig-You Practice Sport We Make the Ball

The Pan Am Fistball games will exclusively use Ludwig brand fistballs!


perfil Gastão 2

Gastão Englert spent the last four days on the East Coast of the United States training both the men’s and women’s US National fistball teams.  Gastão arrived in New Jersey on January 2nd for a weekend of intense coaching and training as well as officiating the first of the two United States Fistball Association’s indoor tournaments scheduled for back to back weekends in January. Gastão will then travel to Wisconsin where he will continue training both US Men’s and Women’s national team hopefuls as well as youth training, fistball promotion, and the second USFA Indoor Fistball tournament.

Gastão’s a Brazilian-born professional tennis coach who attended college in Germany where he honed his fistball skills and intellect.  Gastão’s won multiple world championships both as a player and as head coach of both Brazilian National teams.  He coached Brazil’s men’s and women’s national teams to world championships in both the World Games and the Fistball World Championships which are held in a different host country every 4 years.  Over the years, Gastão has developed into an ambassador for the sport of fistball visiting countries all over the world to teach anyone who will listen how to best play the sport.  The US was lucky enough to meet Gastão as his time coaching the Brazilian national team was coming to close.  He has visited the US several times over the last four years and has recently led the first ever US Women’s team to an 8th place finish at the World Championships held in Dresden, Germany.  Gastão pushed for the formation of a US Women’s National Team which will compete internationally for the second time at the 2016 Women’s World Championships in his home country of Brazil.   Gastão hopes his training and guidance will help push the US Men’s National Team to place higher than ever before at the Men’s Fistball World Championships to be held in Argentina in November later this year.

Gastão’s itinerary is as follows:


Men/Women’s US National Team Training: Fri Jan 2nd & 3rd East Coast Locations TBD

USFA Indoor Fistball Championship Tournament. Sun Jan 4th, 8 AM – 12 noon Tournament will feature WFA, SSC & Phoenix Sport club members. Fee $20-25. Get out and play a little, or come by to watch. http://warminstersportsplex.com/


Men’s US National Team Training: Tue Jan 6th & 7th, 8 – 10 PM Prescott Center, West Bend
US National Team Training: Thu Jan 10th, 9 – 11 AM Oriole Lane Elementary, Mequon

WFA Indoor Championship Tournament Jan 11th, 2 PM – 6 PM Badger Middle School West Bend

USFA Board Meeting Jan 11th 7 pm