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Dear friends of Fistball,

The IFA Youth and Sports Commission has started the work in 2016. An essential activity of the commission is the development of sustainable and forward-looking concepts concerning the promotion and dissemination
of fistball in the youth sector. Therefore the 1st youth congress during the last U 18 World Championship was conducted with the aim to encourage the cooperation of the member federations and
to promote the communication and the exchange of ideas.

In the meantime many activities to reach the named main aims were initiated. Therefore the IFA Youth and Sports Commission invites all interested trainers, sportsmen etc. to participate in the

2nd IFA Youth Congress 2018 on Tuesday, 10th July 2018, 6pm, Roxbury (USA)

in the framework of the IFA 2018 Fistball U18 World Championship in Roxbury / USA.

Please find the invitation with further information as a download here: Invitation Youth Congress

The 2nd IFA Youth Congress Agenda can be viewed below or downloaded.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Uwe Schneider
Leitung Jugendkommission | Chair Commission of youth and sports

+49 173 65 88 102 |

Hölderlinstraße 26 | A-4040 Linz | Austria |
ZVR 071465855

2nd IFA Youth Congress Agenda

IFA Youth Congress 2018 Agenda_signed


Click the pictures below to get a sneak peak 360 degree view of the official fistball of the U18 Fistball World Championships to be held in Roxbury, New Jersey on July 11th – 15th.

Official U18 Ludwig Men's Fistball

Official U18 Ludwig Women's Fistball


U18 Women’s Coaching Staff L-R Assistant Coach Marc Stanton, Head Coach Steven Varrone

In continuing preparations for the 2018 U18 World Fistball Championships next July, the United States Fistball Association (USFA) announced the coaches for the U18 Women’s National Team.

Head Coach, Steven Varrone has been playing Fistball since the age of 8 with the Swim and Sport Club (SSC) in Roxbury, NJ. He has played through all divisions leading up to 1st Division in the Eastern Fistball Association (EFA). Experience in organized sports, including 15 years of coaching travel soccer and Little League baseball as well as serving as President of Middlesex Youth Soccer, he is well-prepared for the challenge of leading the U18 Women’s National Team.

Mr. Varrone also played Team Handball for the SSC for over 30 years, including selection to the 1991 Olympic Festival. He is still active in the sport and coordinates and coaches Team Handball for the SSC in the Northeast Team Handball League. Steve is employed as a Director in Verizon Communications and resides in Middlesex, NJ with his wife of 28 years.

“I’m looking forward to coaching the U-18 women’s team in the 2018 World Championships in Roxbury, NJ as well as the women that will be heading to Austria to participate in the Women’s World Championships.” – Steve Varrone

Joining the team as Assistant Coach is Marc Stanton. Mr. Stanton has played Fistball since he was a teen, also at the Swim and Sport Club. As part of the SSC Team, he has earned several Championship titles as well as selected to play in Germany, Switzerland and The Masters World Cup in Chile. In recent years, he has assisted the USA U18 Women in practices.

Marc also is an accomplished Team Handball player. Selected as goalie for the US National Team he trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. As goalie for the 1987 USA National Team, he was an invaluable member of the team that defeated Cuba in the 1987 Pan Am Games, to date, the only USA Men’s team to win a major International competition. Mr. Stanton lives in Hackettstown, NJ with his wife and family and is a foreman for Power Electric Company in Belleville.

Click here to view the Men’s Coach Announcement

The 2018 U18 Fistball World Championship will take place on July 11-15 at Horseshoe Lake Park in Roxbury, New Jersey. USFA officials are working with the town of Roxbury and the Business Development Committee to have a successful event for teams, players, spectators and local businesses.

For all of the latest Fistball updates, follow the United States Fistball Association on Facebook (USFistball), Twitter (@USFistball), and Instagram (@USFistball) and at

You can follow the International Fistball Association on Facebook (IFA.Fistball), Twitter (@IFA.Fistball) and Instagram (@IFA.Fistball) and at

Contact Information: Interested media outlets, corporate sponsors and questions about the 2018 Men’s & Women’s Under-18 World Championship can be forwarded to Mr. Bob Feid, President, United States Fistball Association at


The 2018 U18 World Fistball Championships will be held at Horseshoe Lake in Roxbury!
The International Fistball Associations (IFA) and the United States Fistball Association (USFA) have
partnered with co-host Roxbury Township to create a dynamic sporting event for participating teams, fans, and the community.

Held at the Horseshoe Lake facility from July 11-15th, U18 Men’s and Woman’s National Fistball teams from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Argentina, and India will compete in the 5-day international Fistball tournament.

US Fistball // Horseshoe Lake from Mark Carnival on Vimeo.

During the competition, a two-day educational seminar is being offered exclusively to coaches, athletic directors, and educators. Starting with Fistball fundamentals, the seminar offers advanced training aspects of the sport. The seminar, as part of the IFA Fistball Academy, is designed to give school programs the essential tools for Fistball training to students 10 years of age and older.

Please take note that the USFA is actively recruiting student athletes to learn and play Fistball for both the Men’s and Woman’s USA U18 National Fistball teams. To be eligible to play athletes must be born after December 31st, 1999.  Tryouts and practice for new U18 recruits will be held Sunday May 20th from 10am-noon, Tuesday May 22nd from 6-8pm and Thursday May 24th from 6-8pm January 18th and Monday, January 29th at the Swim and Sport Club in Roxbury, New Jersey. All the USFA current and former players participate in other sports: Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, and Track. Committed to another sport already? In an order to get the best athletes, every effort is made to work around practice and game schedules.  Athletes interested in joining a youth or adult fistball team including future U18 teams should contact Bob Feid, President USFA

Seminar Schedule:

Friday, July 13th, 2018
From 9:00am – 12:00 pm: Basic practical training measures, part 1
Starting 2:00 PM: Observation of the World Championships

Saturday, July 14th, 2018
From 9:00am – 12:00 pm: Basic practical training measures, part 2
Starting 2:00 PM: Review of the training and advanced education and visiting the semi-finals

As an option: Sunday, July 15th, 2018
Visiting the final games of the IFA 2018 U 18 World Championships
As noted, along with the training session, attendees will be observing the U18 World Championships, featuring the top U18 Men and Women from around the world. Teams from Austria, Brazil, Chile, Germany, India, Italy, New Zealand and Switzerland are committed to play in the World Championships

The training is Free of charge to attend but does have limited availability. Anyone interested can
register by using the following link by May 31st, 2018. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance and additionally they will have the ability to purchase a discounted fistball starter package after completing the course. 

CLICK HERE to Register for the IFA Fistball Seminar

Further details will be sent directly to registered participants at the close of registration. Please direct
any questions or direct any queries to Bob Feid, President
USFA or Uwe Schneider, Chair IFA Youth Sport Commission

Information on Fistball in the USA

A brief background of Fistball in the USA includes the fact that Fistball has been played in the USA in NJ, PA and Wisconsin since the 1920’s while being played in Europe for hundreds of years. The international Fistball community had no idea that Fistball was being played in the USA for all those years until the Internet connected the USA to rest of the Fistball world during the mid-1990’s.

In 1997, the USFA sent a Men’s Fistball team to compete in the World Fistball Championships followed by sending a Woman’s Fistball team in 2014. In 2015, the USA held the first Pan American Fistball Games in NJ and sent our first u18 Girls Fistball team to the 2016 World Championship in Germany. This past summer we sent both a u18 girls and boys team to the 2017 U18 European Championships in Switzerland.

Youth Fistball has been the USFA’s focus the past few years and with Fistball having a good chance of being a demonstration sport for the 2024 Paris Olympics, the teenagers of today will be the future of USA Fistball.

Fistball is currently played in the World Games, and in 2021 it will be hosted in Birmingham Alabama.
Here are links to games, rules and history.

Sneak Peak at the Official Ludwig Fistball of U18 World Championships

Link to History of Fistball

Some short clips demonstrating the basic skills 

A short video explaining the rules

2015 U18 Girl’s Semi-Final Match

Match starts at 12:30 into the video

2011 Men’s World Championship Match

Match starts at 38:40 into the video