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Kim Kruse Elected to International Fistball Assoc. Board

Kim Kruse Elected to International Fistball Association Board

July 1, 2019 – Roxbury, NJ – The International Fistball Association (IFA) is the governing body for the sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee. In their recent board elections, Swim and Sport Club Member Kim Kruse was elected to a 4 year term representing North America.

We held a Q & A with Ms. Kruse to learn more about the appointment and what it means to athletes in the area.

Q: Congratulations on being elected to the IFA board. What lead you to the position?
A: Thank you. I’m a past Sports Director for the Swim and Sport Club in Flanders, NJ and also current Treasurer of the United States Fistball Association.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in your position representing North America?
A: There are many global initiatives taking place with many new countries taking up the sport. I want to make sure that the United States and North America have solid exposure.

Q: What part is the USFA taking in the global initiatives you mentioned? 
A: The USFA has been working extensively with elementary and high school athletic directors to introduce fistball to young players. Working with educators, we now have a curriculum developed to make school-based instruction easy for Physical Education teachers. We have discovered that many teachers want to use fistball to provide a wide variety of sports to students, the new curriculum makes it practical.

Q: These initiatives sound great, but what is the goal? Why are we now seeing so much about fistball recently, especially in New Jersey?
A: With the U18 World Championships held in Roxbury, NJ in 2018, we’ve seen a rise in youth interested in playing. That certainly helps with the next goal, bringing highly competitive Men’s and Women’s teams to the 2020 U18 World Championships being held in Austria.

Q: With Fistball enjoying a surge in popularity in New Jersey, what would you say to local athletes interested in playing?
A: Come out and give it a try. It’s a great sport to pick up, easy to learn, but can be a challenge to master. I’ve been playing Fistball since the mid-1970’s, from the time I could start hitting the ball. Both of my parents played and my father for several decades into his 60’s. It really is a timeless sport that everyone can enjoy.

Q: Where can players and teachers get more information about Fistball?
A: Athletic Directors and Physical Education Teachers can contact the USFA for a copy of the curriculum and some equipment to start school-based programs. Any athletes interested can contact the clubs nearest them for practice times and locations. 

Q: Kim, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Is there anything else you would like to add?
A:I was honored to be nominated by USFA President Bob Feid and I will represent North America to the best of my abilities. Fistball has been played since 220 AD and it’s fun to see it growing again.

Media outlets, Athletic Directors and Educators with questions can be forwarded to Mr. Bob Feid, President, United States Fistball Association at

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