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Official Fistball Rules of IFA

Official Fistball Rules of the International Fistball Association:


Fistball field size, dimensions and player positions

The Field / Court

In outdoor fistball, the field size is 50 m long x (25 x 20 m per half-field) by 20 m wide. In indoor fistball, the field size is 40 m long (20 x 20 m per half-field) by 20 m wide. Since the indoor field size corresponds with the regular size of a handball field, the existing external lines are usually used. The service line is 3 m away from the center line. For youth fistball matches, the ball weight, line height, and court size is adjusted to accommodate the age group.

Fistball Field

The Position of Players and Referees

Fistball Player and Referee Positions


Basic skills and moves

The Serve – Demonstration Videos: Standing Serve/Jump Serve

Fistball Server
Standing Serve


The Pick – Demonstration Videos: Basic Stance/Hitting the Ball Up/Basic Defensive Stance/Ground Defense

Fistball Pick
Basic Defense


The Set – Demonstration Videos: Setting Technique

Fistball Setter
Bounce Set


The Spike – Demonstration Videos: Attack Ball Contact/Spiking Technique/Advanced Spiking Hook Technique

Fistball Spike


Fistball Game Variants

2 v 2 Actionball – Ideal for Beginners Practicing Defensive Techniques

2 v 2 Battleball – Ideal for Competitive Players

Fistball Wikipedia
Fistball Wikipedia
International Fistball Association (IFA)
International Fistball Association (IFA)