USFA – Mission Statement

The USFA mission is to create awareness around and grow the sport of Fistball through individual and club membership recruitment, promotional efforts, and sponsorship of national and international Fistball competitions.

In order to accomplish this mission the following goals are to be achieved:

• Compete: At a high level
• Sport Growth: To achieve full participation in Fistball at all levels in the United States
• Administration: To develop and maintain a structure which will effectively and efficiently assist in achieving the vision and mission of the Association
• Finances: To develop, implement, and maintain a financial plan through fundraising, dues, and donations to achieve the vision and mission of the Association.

The USFA believes that Fistball is a sport to be enjoyed by all ages.

USFA – Officers

President – Bob Feid
Vice President – Aaron Weninger
Secretary – Judy Henrichs
Treasurer – Kim Kruse
Sargeant of Arms – Ron Jesswein

Board Members at Large –
Steve Groeber, Werner Adam, & Dan Paynter
Coaching Staff – Gastao Englert, Ron Jesswein, Steve Groeber, Bob Feid, Mathew Ogin
Youth Fistball Coordinators – Bob Feid & Dan Paynter
Eastern Director – Steve Groeber
Midwest Director – Patrick White
Director of Sports Commission – Eric Kindler
Sports Commission Committee Members – Currently Vacant

Membership: How to join USFA

Membership Benefits
USFA window cling, election voting rights, special USFA offers/discounts, USFA Newsletter, and access to world-class training & competitions

Membership Fee
Adults: $20 per year   Youth: $10 per year

To join USFA fill out and mail us back the USFA Membership Form

2017 USFA Membership Application