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Gastão Englert spent the last four days on the East Coast of the United States training both the men’s and women’s US National fistball teams.  Gastão arrived in New Jersey on January 2nd for a weekend of intense coaching and training as well as officiating the first of the two United States Fistball Association’s indoor tournaments scheduled for back to back weekends in January. Gastão will then travel to Wisconsin where he will continue training both US Men’s and Women’s national team hopefuls as well as youth training, fistball promotion, and the second USFA Indoor Fistball tournament.

Gastão’s a Brazilian-born professional tennis coach who attended college in Germany where he honed his fistball skills and intellect.  Gastão’s won multiple world championships both as a player and as head coach of both Brazilian National teams.  He coached Brazil’s men’s and women’s national teams to world championships in both the World Games and the Fistball World Championships which are held in a different host country every 4 years.  Over the years, Gastão has developed into an ambassador for the sport of fistball visiting countries all over the world to teach anyone who will listen how to best play the sport.  The US was lucky enough to meet Gastão as his time coaching the Brazilian national team was coming to close.  He has visited the US several times over the last four years and has recently led the first ever US Women’s team to an 8th place finish at the World Championships held in Dresden, Germany.  Gastão pushed for the formation of a US Women’s National Team which will compete internationally for the second time at the 2016 Women’s World Championships in his home country of Brazil.   Gastão hopes his training and guidance will help push the US Men’s National Team to place higher than ever before at the Men’s Fistball World Championships to be held in Argentina in November later this year.

Gastão’s itinerary is as follows:


Men/Women’s US National Team Training: Fri Jan 2nd & 3rd East Coast Locations TBD

USFA Indoor Fistball Championship Tournament. Sun Jan 4th, 8 AM – 12 noon Tournament will feature WFA, SSC & Phoenix Sport club members. Fee $20-25. Get out and play a little, or come by to watch.


Men’s US National Team Training: Tue Jan 6th & 7th, 8 – 10 PM Prescott Center, West Bend
US National Team Training: Thu Jan 10th, 9 – 11 AM Oriole Lane Elementary, Mequon

WFA Indoor Championship Tournament Jan 11th, 2 PM – 6 PM Badger Middle School West Bend

USFA Board Meeting Jan 11th 7 pm

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